TWO nights in a row


I turned 34 just over a week ago and celebrated it with an adult roller disco and two nights out on the trot.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter how old you are, just enjoy going out and being with your friends.

The first proper night of celebrations was a Friday night which started off in a cocktail bar called Beachcomber. Beachcomber is unusual in that it is themed around being on the beach, with a drinks served in pineapples and leis available to wear however you wish.

After a few hours of drinking and chatting it was time to move onto a rebranded club in town called Evoque. It’s a club that I’ve seen in various guises starting off 15 years ago when it was called Tokyo Jo’s. In fact is was the place I had my 21st birthday party. Ahhhh the memories.

The following day I was feeling pretty ok, just tired but no hangover to speak of. My other half had gone to work at 11am and wasn’t due back until 9pm.

Well 9pm arrived and my other half arrived home. Still wearing a track suit and hoody something possessed us to get on our glad rags and have another night on the town.

We arrived at Revolution (cocktail bar) for around 10pm and were greeted with samples of food and drink from their new menu. And for the next few hours we drank and ate more samples until some more friends arrived.

The night continued with a live sax and drums playing along to the tunes the DJ was pumping out.

We all enjoyed ourselves despite being out with friends around 10 years younger than us. I reckon it keeps you feeling young, so why shouldn’t you?

Saturday night was actually quite an early night, being at home and in bed by 2.30am! Which is practically unheard of when we’re on a night out.

Still it was a great night and I’m sure we’ll have many more. I still love a quality night out.



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