Oktoberfest 2013 – London


I’m not into beer on any level, but when a friend invited us to join him at Oktoberfest (London) this year we thought we’d take him up on the offer. We also took the opportunity to see my good friend and maid of honour from our wedding a couple of years ago.

For someone who doesn’t like beer and really prefers dance music to the music they were playing I thought it was going to be terrible night, but despite the portaloos and very drunk people stumbling around it was actually a pretty good night, with everyone up on the benches jumping along to the music.

In fact I was actually pleasantly surprised by the band as they played some Avicii as well Bon Jovi, there really was something for everyone.

It wasn’t the best night by any stretch, I’m saving that for next Friday – my birthday night out, so watch this space – however is was a great night with one of my best friends and my husband.

I love my friends and family, without them I would be a boring person. Please don’t let me be boring!


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