20 things I’m looking forward to at Ultra Music Festival 2018


This year Ultra Music Festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and when you’ve been to as many festivals as I have there are certain things that you just can’t wait for at a festival – Ultra is no different.

Here are 20 things that I’m looking forward to at Ultra Music Festival 2018:

  1. The iconic main stage
  2. Seeing so many world class acts over one weekend – the Ultra Music Festival lineup is amazing! 🌎
  3. The immense pyro
  4. The fantastic fireworks🎆
  5. Discovering new acts on the smaller stages
  6. Soaking up the festival atmosphere🎉
  7. The unique Ultra Music Festival location – in a park, by the coast, surrounded by skyscrapers
  8. Meeting people from around the world👦🏻👩🏼🧑🏽👨🏾👧🏾
  9. Chilling out in the afternoon, in front of the main stage
  10. The wonderful weather☀
  11. Hearing (and seeing) ‘Mr Ultra Man’/The Voice of Dance Music- Damian Pinto
  12. Making friends👯‍♀️
  13. Partying into the early hours
  14. Hearing some of the best mixes 🎧
  15. Getting the chance to hear new music first
  16. Seeing what food is on offer 🍗
  17. Buying Ultra merchandise
  18. Buying a new rave accessory 🔥
  19. Not having to wear wellies
  20. Enjoying the festival with my rave partner – my husband 😍

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