10 festival essentials you NEED to have


Whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer, or you’re a festival virgin, here are 10 festival essentials that you should take with you.

We’re only two months away from one of the biggest festivals around, Ultra Music Festival. If you’re not going to Ultra, then no worries, you’ll find that most of these items are festival essentials whatever festival you go to.


Don’t get caught out, to get into Ultra you will need to show ID, if you want to drink alcohol you’ll also need it.  You can read more about ID requirements here. Last time I went a UK driving licence was fine, so there’s no need to take your precious passport out raving!

Money (cash and card)

It’s handy to have both cash and card.  Definitely cut down on the amount of cash and cards you have in your wallet/purse.  Remember if you have your wallet stolen, or you lose it, and all of your cards are in it, then you’ll be stuck without money for the rest of your hols.

Hand sanitiser

Never be caught without it! The toilets WILL be horrible and you will definitely want to use it.  The likelihood of there being clean running water will get less and less likely, as the festival continues.

Toilet paper or tissues

As with the hand sanitiser this will be used more and more as the festival goes on.  Particularly good for girls obviously!

Sun cream

If you’re used to UK festivals the likelihood is that you’re used to bad weather!  Sad but true. Take sun cream to any festival, especially in a warm country. Sunburn is not fun or fashionable.


Sunglasses aren’t just to make you look cool.   make sure you take some sunglasses so you aren’t constantly squinting into the sun.

Ear plugs

Whilst still not widely used, ear plugs can be a godsend when you just want a bit of time out.  Also, most importantly hearing loss is a real possibility. Make sure you think about the future.

Phone charger

Everyone knows that modern smart phones just don’t last these days.  If you’re intent on taking your phone with you make sure you take a charger too. Whether you take a charging lead and queue at a charging station, or you take a charging pack, is up to you.  I personally would take a charging pack.  You can take it with you, rather than having to stay attached to your phone while it charges.

Festival app

Make sure you check out the festival app if there is one.  Ultra usually have a good app with all the set times and it can practically plan your day if you select the acts you want to see.

Make sure you know what you can and can’t take in

OK, so this isn’t a festival essential, but it’s essential for you to know what you can and can’t take in, BEFORE you arrive at the festival!  It sounds obvious, but you don’t want to throw away your favourite bag because they won’t let you take it in. Here’s a full list of what you can and can’t take in to Ultra – every festival will be different. You’ve been warned!

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