When Bongo’s Bingo goes wrong


Bongo’s Bingo is quite the phenomenon.

It’s simple, bingo + rave = Amazing Bongo’s Bingo

I’ve been to four or five Bongo’s Bingo’s in Preston and nothing was quite like the one in September 2018. This time there were no cheesy acts, but that didn’t matter.  We just had the fun of a Bongo’s Bingo rave to look forward to.  Unfortunately, for host Rich Furness everything seemed to go wrong on the night, but he took all of the technical issues in his stride and we APPLAUD you for it Rich!

First up during the intro, as Rich was explaining the game to the newbies, it was clear something wasn’t quite right. When the explanations were meant to be flashing up on the screen they just weren’t. But, that was the least of Rich’s worries!

The technical problems continued as the first game started.  With the big screen not playing, the Bongo’s guys had thought of every eventuality and brought a small bingo display on stage!

As any Bongo’s Bingo veteran will know, as certain numbers come out relevant songs are played, but with the songs seemingly delayed by a few short, but noticeable seconds, it was clear that something else was going wrong.  Taking it all in his stride, Rich apologised for the 10 sec delay! We didn’t mind though, the crowd were able to entertain themselves!

If that wasn’t enough, the wifi reception seemed to be patchy at times. This left Rich with a limited playlist, but that didn’t prevent the master from making sure the gathered crowd had fun.  With all the important songs from S Club 7, 5ive and the Vengaboys, we were VERY happy.

Next up, still in the first game, Rich realised that the numbers chosen only went up to 75, when our books had the full 90! Oops!

Choosing a few random higher numbers we finally got a winner, AND a dance off!

Luckily, that was almost it for technical hitches! However, after a break the dancers didn’t return in time and one of the security guys had to show off the Henry Hoover! Now, THAT was a memorable moment!

I love Bongo’s Bingo and all these issues just made it even more memorable! I can’t wait for the next one…


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