The best things about being in an EDM relationship

I have been with my other half for 19 years, pretty mad really, when we think back to the days when we met.

So, what are the secrets of being an in EDM relationship? Why does it work and what does it bring to your life? Here are 9 best things about an EDM relationship.

After all, don’t they say, “Those who rave together, stay together?!”

  1. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you know they won’t mind an impromptu rave. Let the bass drop!
  2. Your house is always full of music, and that is DEFINITELY OK.
  3. If you’re not at a festival then you’ll be watching one online, and that’s OK, because you can have rave in your living room.
  4. You never need to think about what to buy your other half, a ticket to the next gig or festival will do! Creamfields, Ultra, Tomorrowland, anyone?
  5. If the budget doesn’t stretch to the tickets then glow sticks will do, the bigger the better of course!
  6. When it comes to choosing your first dance for your wedding, there’s no trying to convince your other half that a dance tune will do the job.
  7. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you both know what you love (other than each other), and you’re not scared to enjoy it.
  8. When either of you have a down moment, you know what will pick them up.
  9. You know they won’t think twice about booking a holiday, just so you can go to a festival.



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