Cream Classics brings together THREE of Liverpool’s cultural institutions


Cream Classics was brought to life last weekend, when the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra belted out the classic dance tunes that made the Cream night at Nation nightclub famous in the 90s.

While orchestras playing dance tunes isn’t anything new – it’s been done with Pete Tong and the Hacienda before – having an orchestra in a cathedral is what set Cream Classics apart from the rest.

Walking up through the gates with the enormous cathedral towering over our heads, while having our tickets scanned and drug dogs smelling us was pretty surreal.  As was walking into a cathedral to see a couple of pop up bars in place, with a festival queuing system.

Arriving early was a good call, while we had the space we made our way to the front centre of the cathedral, just a few people deep from the stage where the orchestra would take their seats.

Taking time before the performance started I just looked around the venue, staring up at the fantastic venue as the stained glass windows were covered in a haze of blue lights, still letting a few bits of daylight through.

And there it was, like the three kings following the star, there was the infamous Cream logo high above our heads, projected onto another wonderfully intricate stained glass window.

Cream Classics, Liverpool Cathedral
Cream Classics, Liverpool Cathedral

At 9pm the orchestra took their seats with an introduction from a female priest giving us a friendly welcome, welcoming everyone into their family.  She then welcomed Cream resident, from back in the day, Seb Fontaine.

The crowd roared and before long he welcomed on the conductor who set the audience off on a journey through their raving years.

The orchestra mixed the biggest dance tunes from the 90s amazingly and everyone in the venue was clearly enjoying themselves.

What more could those who are admittedly, probably nearing their rave retirement years, want?

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