DJ Yoda – Scratching and sniffing


Last month I saw Afrojack, this month I saw DJ Yoda. The venue was very different this time, a place called Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds, it reminded me of the South Bank in London if that’s possible!

Only a few weeks ago I was sitting on the roof terrace on the South Bank, enjoying a large glass of Pimm’s in the sunshine. Four weeks later I’m sitting on the Belgrave roof terrace in the drizzly dusk drinking vodka, lime and lemonade. Umm, you’re right I can’t see the similarity.

So after pigging out on a delicious burger AND a 1/4 of pizza each we decided to explore the venue and it wasn’t long before we found the room where DJ Yoda would do his set. 

It was a small room and pretty empty at the time but that didn’t deter us, we grabbed a drink from the bar where we chatted to the friendly staff.

About half an hour later the room began to fill and shortly after DJ Yoda arrived on stage, granted he isn’t a big name like Afrojack or Axwell & Ingrosso (who we’re seeing next month), but that didn’t matter, he definitely had his fans.

As soon as he arrived on stage a girl ran to the stage to shake his hand. She’s clearly been waiting for that moment for a while as she ran back to her friends saying “I touched DJ Yoda!”.

I often think the smaller gigs are the best, you get to see the DJ at work, it’s more about what they’re doing rather than the lights, smoke and pyro. Don’t get me wrong I love that too, but it’s just nice to have something different. 

This was not a ‘normal’ DJ set, it had been billed as an AV show and that’s exactly what we got, for anyone who hasn’t seen DJ Yoda I suggest checking out this video, it shows a bit of what he can do. Pretty different, but worth a watch, he mixes video and audio and yet keeps the crowd dancing. I loved it! (And so did everyone around me.)

His set contained clips from TV shows and music videos, all spliced together in a way you have probably never seen before. There’s no doubt this type of set must taken hours of preparation, but it was worth the effort to see everyone enjoying themselves.

It wasn’t a late night, his set was over by 1am so we left shortly after, but we’re keen to go back to Belgrave Music Hall, definitely somewhere I’d recommend both during the day and at night.

So until later in the May we said goodbye to Leeds. Over the Bank Holiday we’ll be returning for the Food Festival and to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Then next month it’s off to London to see Axwell & Ingrosso. Play Hard, Party Harder I say!

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