NEVER too old to see Afrojack at Don’t Let Daddy Know – Manchester


I may be in my mid-30s but I’m still never one to pass up a night out to see a world famous DJ, especially when they are only 30 miles away. OK, so I’m not your typical clubber, on nights out like this I generally don’t drink and will opt for driving – if staying over costs too much. I’ve never taken any drugs in my life and I’d rather just enjoy myself than be so ‘out of it’ I’ve forgotten the whole night.

I have to be honest but at about 8.30 last night I was still at home and couldn’t really be bothered to move, but I dragged myself up off the sofa and got changed for a night at ‘the warehouse’, a very different warehouse to the one I used to go to when I was 17 in Exeter – where I grew up.

My husband and I grabbed a can of cranberry Red Bull and jumped in our car to head down the M61 towards Manchester. On the way we were listening to our local radio station Rock FM and one of my favourite shows Old Skool ‘n’ Anthems was on, as I was bopping along to the tunes from my teenage years my husband said, “you do realise you won’t hear any of these tunes tonight, don’t you?” Just a reminder that we are probably 10-15 years older than the majority of the other clubbers there tonight!

We pulled up to where the event parking had been the last time we went to Victoria Warehouse but there didn’t seem to be anyone around so we parked on the road which had no markings, bonus, free parking!

After a short queue we were let in, no ID needed for the ‘oldies’, then it was through security and out of the cold. Walking into the warehouse I was surprised to see the main room, where we had seen Steve Angello 18 months before, was closed.  It was nearly 10.30pm (last entry) and the bar was still quite quiet.

We explored the parts of the warehouse that were open, it was pretty much the same as in 2013, with the added VIP area upstairs which we were lucky enough to have access to.  I can imagine when the main room is open it’s great to be a VIP, but perhaps not on a ‘quiet’ night like this – when it overlooks an empty room.

With three hours to wait until the headliner, Afrojack we decided to see what was happening in Room 3. This is where we came across Nick Coulson a name I knew I recognised and later realised he DJs at Evoque Preston which I’ve been to a few times; and a group of ‘three unlikely lads’ 3Shades. Granted, their name isn’t particularly great, but their short but sweet 20 minute set was. Sadly I can’t find any mention of them online, but they managed to play some fantastic mixes and really got the crowd jumping.

Finally 1.30am came and it was time for the main man, the problem with Room 2 is that if you’re at the back of the room then you can’t see the DJ on stage, but of course you can hear him and that’s all you needed. For two hours solid the crowd raved to the sounds of Afrojack who mixed it up a bit, even including a bit of Michael Jackson in his set.

I decided to try and get a bit of interest on Twitter’s Periscope app, but no one seemed to join the stream, I have to be honest though after a while holding my phone above everyone’s heads I just wanted to dance!

Sadly by 3.30am it was way past my ‘mid-30s bedtime’ and we left Victoria Warehouse grabbing a burger and chips to share on the way home.

Thankfully our car was where we had left it, without any damage, so we set off back to Preston driving through thick fog for the majority of the journey. As there was little traffic on the motorway it didn’t take too long and we were back home and in bed by 4.30am.

Until next month, when we will be seeing DJ Yoda in Leeds, this time staying over.

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