Seeing in another year at Arcade Club


Not a typical rave, but a PROPER party.  Last week it was my husband, Rik’s birthday, so he decided to celebrate it at Arcade Club.

Earlier this year I visited Arcade Club for the first time, if I’m honest I wasn’t really sure what to expect, “will it be full of anti-social nerds, or spotty teenagers?” I tentatively asked my other half. “No” he said “just people with a common love for the old arcade machines that used to fill the seaside resorts in the 80s and 90s”.

The idea of Arcade Club is great, just £10 entry which gives you access to all the machines which are on free play – so you can play them as much or as little as you want.  It was a fun experience and after seeing how much I enjoyed it Rik decided to have it as his birthday celebration, what better way to turn 35?

We gathered 36 friends and colleagues and made a night of it! I was quite surprised at the popularity of it amongst our friends, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, either playing by themselves or on the many multiplayer shooting and driving games available.

There’s no denying it, some of the games were particularly hard.  The one pictured above is a helicopter game and the seat moves as if you were in a helicopter. Perhaps I’m just not cut out for flying a helicopter, but I definitely think my forte was Silent Scope.  As you can probably guess by the name it’s using a silenced sniper rifle, the goal is to save the President’s family. Don’t worry, I succeeded.

Unlike my other half I didn’t grow up in a seaside resort town, but I did have an Amiga 500 and later an Amiga 600, and my friend had a Spectrum, so I was definitely surrounded by some of the games that are at Arcade Club. There was one in particular that I was pleased to see and that was what I knew as Buggy Boy, a simple driving game where you could gain points by hitting flags or jump over rocks by hitting logs. It’s funny how after just a short time of playing the old muscle memory comes back. I must have been about 8 or 9 when I last played, but I remembered the tracks and the music. If only I could remember where the hidden football bonus was…

As well the traditional arcade machines they had plenty of pinball machines.  The one pictured above is possibly one of the most unusual around. Revenge From Mars has the stylisation from the 70s and War of the Worlds, but it is definitely one of the most ‘advanced’ pinball machines I’ve seen. If you look closely at the far end of the machine you’ll see there’s a screen. The more astute amongst you will see it’s actually a reflection from a screen which you can ‘interact’ with when the ball ‘hits’ it, on this occasion blowing up the White House.

Arcade Club takes place every Saturday night so if you’re in East Lancashire it’s definitely worth checking out.

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