Bringing computer games to life – Video Games Live 2014


I’ve played video games for quite a few years now, partly to take an interest in one of my husband’s hobbies, but also partly because I do actually enjoy them and can be quite good!

Twice now we have been to E3, the computer games conference they hold annually in Los Angeles. Both times have been been amazing events, but the most recent time we went, in 2010 was the best. We were invited to all sorts of amazing press events and also came across Video Games Live. This show brings together music from computer games and a full orchestra to bring it to life, accompanied by the creator of the event Tommy Tallarico on an electric guitar.

Of course the event in LA was sold out, so we left without seeing it, but every few months since then I would check their website for tour dates over this side of the globe (Europe). Finally in March this year – yes, four years after I had originally had the idea, it was announced that they would come to O2 Apollo Manchester, a mere 45 minutes drive from us.

I jumped at the chance to buy tickets, being only a week or two before my husband’s birthday it was perfect timing. I decided to go for it and pay for a VIP upgrade, it was the chance to get ‘back stage’, meet the creator and get some goodies including some signed sheet music.

The event itself wasn’t until November so finally after waiting months for the day we set off for an afternoon and evening in Manchester.
We treated ourselves to a bit of Yo! Sushi and then the main event. The show was great, the audience was full of nerds but I guess I couldn’t have expected anything else. I can’t pretend to know every piece of music or computer game they played, but it was still a great show. The highlight for me with the Metal Gear Solid theme tune. For anyone who hasn’t heard it, it is definitely worth listening to. It’s the first piece of game music which made me think of a feature film.

Check this out
Once the show had finished we had the chance to meet the stars of the show and get our photo and signed sheet music. It was well worth the wait. Let’s hope they come back to the UK again soon!

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