Grey Goose is THE vodka – no questions


If you haven’t tried the premium vodka Grey Goose then it is definitely worth having a tipple. I’m definitely not promoting drinking in anyway, but this vodka has a certain class about it. During a stopover in Paris on the way to the US, we even came across a bottle they were selling (duty free) for €99!

The first time I came across Grey Goose was on the opening night of a new club in Preston. I was out with my husband and a couple from work who were drinking it. After that I was hooked. If I had the money then my treat would be a Grey Goose and lemonade with a piece of lime. Until that night I thought vodka was vodka, how wrong could I be.

Since then, one of my favourite bars in Preston introduced a cocktail called Grey Goose Le Fizz, served in a stylish Grey Goose frosted glass this cocktail contained St Germain (elderflower liqueur), soda and the luxury vodka. My preference is to swap the soda for lemonade, making it a little sweeter.
The other day I was lucky enough to be invited to a Grey Goose night in Manchester. The invitation came out of the blue but I don’t like to turn down this type of invitation, so on a Tuesday evening after work I rocked up to the Harvey Nic’s second floor bar. There we were greeted with a Grey Goose Le Fizz and invited to join a cocktail demonstration later that evening.

They had quite a few cocktails available on the night including Le Fizz, along with a conserve created with the same ingredients as the vodka. An interesting idea which was surprisingly tasty.

After tasting a few, eating some canapés and watching their expert mixologist serve up some more delicious cocktails it was sadly time for us to leave. As we left we were handed a little goody bag, full of a mid-sized bottle of Grey Goose and some olive picks in a box. The brand really does ooze excellence.

And so that was my Grey Goose experience it certainly beats getting drunk at a bar.

Remember always drink responsibly.

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